1. Be on a M1 Mac - I'm using a Pro with 16gb RAM.
  2. Have Parallels Desktop installed - not from Mac app store in my case. I don't think the version downloaded from the Parallels site matters, I have the one above basic, but I think that just gets you more RAM.
  3. Download the Jammy Jellyfish Daily Build:

  4. Create new vm using the iso.
  5. I didn't go with the automatic install option from Parallels. Not sure if it works the other way. Installed, rebooted, boot sequence froze after it couldn't find cd/dvd. I think I hit enter and it worked, or I restarted it somehow.
  6. Performed the following that I saw from the another post on this page:
  7. CD-ROM: "Connect image..."
  8. Navigate to /Applications/ and change to List view
  9. Expand Parallels Desktop.app/Contents/Resources/Tools/
  10. Select and Open prl-tools-lin-arm.iso
  11. Execute: sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/ cd /media/ sudo ./install
  12. allow it to install appropriate tools sudo reboot
  13. Worked for me!
  14. Now where are all the arm apps? Hopefully, they get ported over time.
  15. Side note, I tried really hard to get this working for Fedora 36, but couldn't get Parallels Tools to work.
  16. Bonus note, the speed of the system is much much faster using a M1 Mac vs 2020 mac mini with 32gb of RAM on x86 architecture. I figured they would be similar, but I was wrong. M1 is crushing it. Best of luck!